Europe’s Best Casino Holiday Destinations

Casinos per Person Chart

Top Casino Resorts in Europe – How We Picked the Best

In our quest to identify Europe’s best casino destinations, the team at scrutinised data from various authoritative sources, including statistics offices, Numbeo [1], Statista [2], Skyscanner [3], and the World Population Review [4]. This comprehensive analysis forms the basis of our rankings.

Our evaluation uses a weighted table to assign scores out of 10 to each casino destination. We’ve carefully selected key factors that define the ultimate casino resorts in Europe, reflecting what truly makes these destinations both popular and enjoyable.

The following key factors were taken into account to create our definitive list:

Casinos per 1,000,000 inhabitants

Popularity of the destination (tourists per year)

Safety Ranking

Accommodation Prices (1 night in a 3-star hotel)

Cost of a meal

Public Transport costs (per journey)

Cities offering lower costs, attracting more tourists (based on yearly visitor numbers and safety scores), and hosting more casinos tended to rank higher than those that were more expensive and had higher safety risks.

Stay tuned as we unveil the top casino holiday destinations in Europe, each scored and ranked to guide your next luxurious getaway.

Number of Available Casinos

Cities with a higher density of casinos per million inhabitants provide diverse gambling venues catering to varied tastes and preferences, making for an exciting casino trip. Visiting the same few casinos can become limiting, even on a short trip.

Casinos per Person Chart

Casino-dense destinations typically feature a lively local culture and robust economy, offering a range of entertainment, dining, and shopping options, contributing to a comprehensive holiday experience.

Bratislava comes out top in this metric with an impressive number of casinos per head of population. The city of Prague is one of the most popular gambling destinations in Europe and has the most casinos – one of three Eastern European countries to make the list.

Popularity of the Destination

Destinations with high tourist numbers typically offer more than just gambling facilities; they provide a rich array of cultural and recreational activities, enhancing their overall appeal for visitors looking for a diverse experience.

Average Yearly Tourists Chart

Such cities, frequented by international visitors, boast well-developed infrastructures. This includes varied accommodation options, reliable transportation, and many entertainment and dining choices, contributing to a fulfilling trip.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of these popular tourist spots adds a unique charm, where interacting with a global crowd enriches visitors’ overall holiday, including those drawn to the casino scene.

Despite Amsterdam topping our list as the most visited tourist destination[5], other ranking criteria placed the city below the midpoint in our overall table, reflecting the multifaceted nature of determining Europe’s best casino holiday spots.

Feeling Safe on a Casino Holiday

Safety is paramount for visitors choosing a European casino destination. A secure environment enhances enjoyment, encouraging tourists to explore and fully engage with the casino and city, thus making safety a critical factor in a destination’s appeal.

Safety Score Chart

A city’s safety record is crucial for positive reviews and repeat visits. Visitors prioritise secure destinations, especially families and solo travellers. This focus on safety boosts a destination’s reputation and ranking as a preferred European casino location.

Price of a Night’s Stay

Accommodation prices, particularly for 3-star hotels, are crucial in assessing European casino holiday destinations. Affordable hotels allow tourists to spend more on casino activities and local attractions, making a destination appealing to a broader audience.

Hotel Price Chart

Moreover, competitive hotel pricing reflects a destination’s overall value. Mid-range accommodation affordability indicates accessibility to various visitors and suggests a competitive, high-standard tourism market, influencing a destination’s appeal and ranking.

Affordable Food Costs

The cost of dining out is vital in rating European casino destinations as it affects overall trip affordability. Lower dining costs balance budgets, allowing more spending on gaming or sightseeing, making destinations accessible to diverse travellers.

Meal Price Chart

Additionally, reasonable dining costs enhance a casino holiday’s appeal. High costs deter visitors, even with attractive gaming options. Varied, affordable dining options maintain a destination’s competitive edge in tourism.

Getting Around Cheaply

Affordable public transport makes European casino resorts more accessible and appealing to visitors, leading to longer stays and frequent visits. This cost-effectiveness enhances the travel experience, elevating the destination’s appeal.

Public Transport Cost Chart

Visitors benefit from lower transport costs, allocating more of their budget to leisure at the resort. This affordability attracts a broader range of budget-conscious travellers, improving the resort’s appeal and competitive standing.

Bratislava Beats the More Established Destinations

Bratislava is our top choice for European casino holidays, boasting the highest density of casinos in the study, with 91 per million people. This variety enriches its appeal, offering visitors numerous casino options for a diverse and engaging holiday.

Overall Score Chart

The city’s safety score of 69.53 significantly influences its attractiveness. Coupled with reasonable costs for accommodation, dining, and transportation (averaging €99 for hotels, €9 for meals, and €1.10 for transport), Bratislava presents a compelling mix of security and affordability for holidaymakers.

Furthermore, Bratislava’s lower average yearly tourist figure of approximately 927,950 suggests a quieter, more tranquil setting. This should appeal to visitors who prefer a more laid-back casino holiday, away from the crowded and busy atmospheres typical of popular tourist destinations.

Prague and Amsterdam, with 45.31 and 12.78 casinos per million, respectively, also rank highly, offering an appealing mix of safety, reasonable costs, and a vibrant cultural backdrop, making them an attractive destination for many casino lovers.

Unfortunately, some of you may not have the opportunity to travel to any of these amazing casino destinations this year however, you can try out some of the best European online casinos in our comprehensive guide.


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Author: Gary Simmons