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Dog Plays Roulette

We have something for every casino roulette meme enthusiast. In this article, you will find different daily life gambling memes like the nap roulette meme alongside the memes about roulette games in casinos. Below you can see the main sections of the article and the main groups of memes we have for our readers.

This is the moment to say that this article is for entertainment purposes. We wish to make you laugh with funny memes and situations. That is why if the topic of gambling or any other topic listed below is triggering your anxiety, anger, or hatred, please, remember that those are just jokes, and you are not obligated to read them.

What Are Roulette Memes?

The roulette meme is a funny image with a text describing a situation, knowledge, or every other life event. Looking for a meme roulette, you will find many examples of roulette-related jokes and pictures. We selected the best roulette memes you can find online and listed them in different categories.

Why People Like Roulette-Themed Memes?

The meme has been a sensation ever since it first appeared. A few things distinguish the roulette wheel meme or any roulette-themed meme from the rest of the game-themed jokes. We selected the key features of a roulette meme and listed them below. Everything else is up to the imagination of the meme’s creator.

? Meme Type
Roulette Meme
? Picture
Roulette, Croupier, or Gambler Related Image
? Text
Roulette or Gambler Related Text, Story or Joke
? Target Group
Gamblers, Players, Fans of Dark Humour
? Variations
Casino Roulette, Russian Roulette, Other Roulette Games
? Age-Appropriate
? Inspiration
Events at Casinos, Personal Life Experiences
? Trigger Warning
Antigambling Organisations, Religious Groups, Social Groups, Random People, “Karens”
?️ Where to Find Them
Meme Generating Websites, Jokes Websites, Funny Pages, Social Media, Internet

Now that you know what you can expect to see in the memes in this article, we will shock you again by saying that some of them break all rules. It is completely fine because that is what memes do. Many of them even tell an entire story like the ones of the craziest bets in history or events occurring during roulette games.

What Roulette Memes You Will Find Here?

All memes you will find here are divided in three categories of the article (casino roulette, Russian roulette meme, and other roulette memes). We don’t want to keep you guessing, so we made a list of all memes in this article. Read on to find out more details:

The incredible diversity of themes and situations represented in the memes covers many situations. Don’t be surprised if you discover something you have witnessed yourself. Each of the jokes are appropriate to be shared via the live chats at best roulette sites in the UK for 2022 or even with your non gambling friends.

Casino Roulette Memes

First on our list are the roulette memes in casinos or around the roulette tables. We listed a couple of examples of different situations you may witness while playing. There are also a couple of jokes and anecdotes transformed into memes, which are products of witty minds.

When a Dog Plays Roulette

Dog Plays RouletteStories and memes about animals are usually as funny as they can be. That is why there is no wonder why we begin our list with a dog playing roulette meme, worthy of entering the funniest gambling-related memes.

Meme’s Story: “A dog decided to gamble. Sits at the roulette table, turns to the croupier, and says: “Put it all on grey.”

Extra Roulette Chips

Extra Roulette ChipsSomeone breaking the casino etiquette to dine on the gambling table while playing is enough to make the situation roulette meme-worthy. The truth is that most casinos don’t allow even drinks near the roulette, poker, and blackjack tables because spilt liquid or food stains may stop the game until they are cleaned up.

Meme’s Story: No food on the roulette table is one of the main rules.

Rabbit & Lion Playing Roulette

Rabit and Lion The animal jokes are always fun, so we added one more interesting situation. It is strange how people always manage to turn tense situations into gambling and card jokes. Feel free to share this with your friend and see how they react.

Meme’s Story: The rabbit and the lion were at the roulette table. “I’m glad you’re not a cheetah,” said the rabbit.

Ride the Roulette Wheel

Spins on Roulette WheelIt is known that gambling in the ancient world has taken many turns and many gambling tools we use today had different purposes in the past. That is why it is strange to think someone may decide to fulfil the crazy idea and use the roulette wheel as a carousel. Whether it has been done or not, it is a great roulette wheel meme idea.

Meme’s Story: I went on a wild ride at the casino last night. Then the manager told me to get off the roulette wheel.

Blond Genius Joke

There can’t be a list of the top casino roulette memes without mentioning casino cheats. Outsmarting the casino system is always a trend, and the following story proves there are many paths to the gig prizes.

Joke: A gorgeous blondie sits at the roulette table and asks the croupier if the casino dress code allows her to play naked. There was no rule against that, so the game began. Many curious visitors surround the table to observe the strange gambler. The nude woman places her bet, and the croupier spins the wheel and throws the ball.

Even before the winning number is announced, the woman started screaming, “I won! I won!”. She jumps around, collects the money from the table, and runs out of the casino happily. No one knew what she bet on, but she surely plaid smart and got the money.

Russian Roulette Memes

Russian roulette memes are some of the most hilarious, rude memes you may encounter when looking for a good roulette joke. They are not something players usually show in the chats of the top online live dealer roulette sites but are worthy to share with your friends who like spicy or dark humour.

Scientists’ Research on Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette Is SafeThere are so many bizarre betting topics that we would not be able to list them all. One of the fascinating stakes scientists have noticed is people gambling with their own lives. This is the base for many extreme sports, physics-defying achievements, anecdotes, jokes, and memes.

Meme’s Story: After brief and robust tests, five out of six researchers conclude that Russian roulette is safe.

Hipster Russian Roulette

Hipster Russian RouletteDon’t think that the Russian roulette-themed games always lead the thoughts toward the contestants’ early grave. There are many situations worthy of creating a funny roulette meme to describe them. A wonderful example is mixing the latest cultural trend with the eternally fashionable topic of food.

Meme’s Story: Do you know what a hipster Russian roulette is? That is making six cookies, but one of them is not gluten-free.

Indian Russian Roulette

Indian Roulette One of the best traits of an epic joke is that it can be tuned up to sound relevant to another culture or even worldwide. The same goes for this Russian roulette meme where the game is called Indian roulette, and the revolver is replaced by cobras. Despite the giggly effect of the joke, it is six times more dangerous than the original, so we don’t recommend playing.

Meme’s Story: How to play Indian Roulette? – The player has a pungi (a wind instrument snake charmers in India used to control the cobras) and six cobras. The trick here is that one cobra is deaf.

Stormtroopers Russian Roulette

Storm Troopers Russian RouletteAnyone who has watched Star Wars knows who the stormtroopers are. The next casino roulette meme has nothing to do with the Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy or the Troopers’ work. It turns our attention to stormtroopers’ free time and fun activities.

Meme’s Story: Six stormtroopers played Russian roulette. When they were caught, they got away with a warning and had to pay for the damages to the ship.

More Russian Roulette Jokes

The history of Russian roulette is filled with meme roulette worthy situations. We will mention a couple more of them. Even though they are not memes, they are good jokes you can share with friends with a dark sense of humour.

Joke: Roulette and CS:GO are always fun until the Russians join.

Wife: “Don’t give up, honey! You can do it!”

Husband: “I wish you were not so supportive when I play Russian roulette.”


Not all players have a chance to win the Russian roulette world championship, but stoned dudes playing Russian roulette can’t even enter the competition. A bunch of friends decided to play while stoned. The first one fires and dies. The second one grabs the gun, fires, and dies. The third guy gets the gun, stares at it, and says: “Shouldn’t this be a revolver.”

Other Roulette Memes

While researching the topic, we discovered many interesting meme-worthy jokes and amazing memes created by many people. Some were funny and had party themes, while others were dedicated to serious matters like comparing voting to fight a corrupt political system to playing on a rigged roulette wheel.

We selected a few more roulette meme examples applicable to many people and different moments in life. The last one on our list is one of the very rude memes, but after the Russian roulette-themed memes, you may not need a trigger warning.

Nap Roulette Meme

Nap RoulettePeople make funny bets daily and for many reasons. One of the most unpredictable situations is brought by wagers people place against themselves. Sometimes the bet is against time itself, other times against the world, but the true gamble is sleeping.

Meme’s Story: What is nap roulette? Take a nap without setting the alarm. Sometimes even blinking can lead to waking up after 6 hours.

Muffin (Cupcake) Roulette

Muffin RouletteThis is one more situation we can’t add to the casino roulette meme section, but we also can’t miss sharing. This roulette can be perfect for gambling cakes competitions or every daily event where muffins are involved. Cook it, try it, and see how other people react.

Meme’s Story: How to organise a Muffin Roulette? Make muffins (or cupcakes) and add extra fruits, sprinkles, and chocolate chips to one of them.

Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette There are many roulette wheel memes related to drinking and partying in any way. We even made an entire article about the shot roulette and drinking roulette games you may find entertaining. We are not your parents and can’t tell you what to do, but we recommend moderate alcohol consumption.

Meme’s Story: To play the simplest version of shot roulette, fill in shot glasses with alcohol and spin a pen between them. The winner is the last one standing.

Christian Roulette

Bible RouletteYou may not know but the roulette’s numbers add up to 666, and that is why some people call roulette the Devil’s Wheel. The last meme on our list may trigger certain readers, so we remind you that this is an example of specific types of religious jokes you can find online or hear from your friends.

Meme’s Story: Each contestant in the Christian Roulette opens the Bible on a random page and does exactly what is written on it. The last one to stay alive or go to jail wins.

Roulette Meme FAQ

In our article, we listed more than enough roulette meme versions, and now it is time to answer a few questions about them. The information below is short, and you can’t see the memes, so follow the links in the answers.

*️⃣ What is a roulette meme?

The simplest definition of a meme is an image with a text on a certain topic. When those elements are directed to roulette related matters, the roulette meme definition becomes roulette image with text describing a situation with a roulette, a gambler, or a croupier. Each of them is unique and based on an anecdote or joke.

*️⃣ Are there many casino roulette memes?

There are many unpredicted and interesting situations happening around the roulette tables, and each of them is worthy of being transformed into a casino roulette meme. We selected several of the hundreds of memes and jokes you can find online in which the situations occurred in casinos near the roulette tables.

*️⃣ Why Russian roulette memes are popular?

It is impossible to search for a roulette meme online and not find a load of memes dedicated to Russian roulette and similar games. We collected the most interesting ones and made a special Russian roulette meme section. There you can find memes and jokes dedicated to this hazardous luck-testing competition.

*️⃣ Are there other funny memes like the roulette memes?

The meme roulette is one way to find interesting roulette-themed memes, but another way is to read the section in our article dedicated to the other roulette-inspired games. There, we listed funny games of luck based on the roulette principle. Explore the options to learn what is a muffin roulette and how to win at nap roulette.

*️⃣ What makes a roulette meme interesting?

People often see a roulette wheel meme or a gambling meme and laugh but rarely wonder how they are made. We took our time to research what makes a meme good and then expanded the subject to include the roulette-related memes. That is how we came up with the roulette meme’s qualities.

*️⃣ What types of roulette memes are there?

There are memes dedicated to roulette, players, croupier, interesting situations during roulette games, and more. The diversity is so great that we can barely confine them to specific categories. Check our roulette meme list and you will see that each meme is unique and makes people laugh for a different reason.

*️⃣ What is the nap roulette meme?

In short, nap roulette occurs every time a tired person tempts fate with “I’ll close my eyes for a moment” and taking a nap without setting the alarm. Anyone can relate to this situation, and that is what makes the nap roulette memes so popular. This pillow gambling can get you fired, so do it on your day off.

*️⃣ Are there realistic roulette meme?

Every casino roulette meme is based on true events to a certain degree. That is why we can absolutely believe that the ride the roulette wheel meme is possible. After all, many different people visit casinos, so it is possible for someone to jump on the roulette wheel and takes a spin like on a carousel.

*️⃣ Are there roulette memes about cheating?

Yes, there are many memes about cheating tactics and stealing from casinos. We also added a cheating on roulette story to the list of casino roulette memes. This blond genius playing roulette joke may seem impossible, and there is no proof that it happened, but we found no evidence that it didn’t.

*️⃣ Are there celebrity roulette memes?

The meme roulette will inevitably lead you to many memes showing celebrities, movie characters, and other recognisable faces. The Stormtroopers Russian roulette meme we have in the article combines popular movie characters and Russian roulette. The moral of the meme is derivative of their shooting skills and the consequences.

Author: Gary Simmons